Hotplate and Stirrers

Q: What is the maximum volume that can be used on the 1000 hotplate/stirrer?

A: This largely depends on the sample and the vessel it is in, but in general for an aqueous solution in a beaker we would recommend a maximum volume of 10 litres due to the weight and stability.

Q: Is the entire area of the ceramic top plates of the Jenway hotplates and hotplate stirrers heated?

A: For safety reasons Jenway hotplates have hot zones in the middle (denoted by the pattern shown on the plate) and are designed to be much cooler around the outside reducing the possibility of burning through accidental contact.

Q: We are struggling to get out temperature probe working with our 1203 hotplate stirrer, are then any reasons for this?

A: As a safety feature the probe with the 1103 and 1203 units will only work when fitted in the supplied probe holder. The temperature probe features a read switch in the probe handle which is located in the narrow part of the probe and the switch is activated by a magnet which is attached to the probe holder itself. To get the combination of probe and hotplate working please follow the simple instructions below.

1. Set up the hotplate stirrer and fit the upright rod and the probe holder.
2. Ensure that the magnet is in place in the holder.
3. Fit the temperature probe to the rear of the hotplate stirrer.
4. Turn on the 1103/1203. The display should read in % for temperature.
5. Fit the probe into the holder ensuring that the narrow part of the handle is close to the magnet. If the display still shows % move the probe up and down in the holder until the display shows °C

The probe and hotplate stirrer work in this way to stop the hotplate heating out of control in the event of the probe being removed from the heated vessel and left on the bench while still connected.