7415 Multiwavelength mode for nucleic acids and proteins

       Accuracy and Precision of the Genova Nano

       Comparison of Jenway Scanning Spectrophotometers

       Determination of Aspirin concentration using 73 series

       Determination of glucose in drinks

       DNA measurements using TrayCell and 6715

       DNA measurements using TrayCell and Genova

       Low Sample Volumes using the TrayCell

       Measurement reproducibility with the Genova Nano

       Measuring the colour of beer

       Pierce 660 assay using the Genova Nano

       Protein assays on the Genova

       Protein Concentrations Limits using Direct UV Mode on the Genvoa Nano spectrophotometer

       Protein Direct UV measurements using the TrayCell

       Protocol: BCA Protein Assay

       Protocol: Biuret Protein Assay

       Protocol: Bradford Protein Assay

       Protocol: Direct UV Protein Assay

       Protocol: Direct UV Protein Assay with TrayCell

       Protocol: DNA measurements with TrayCell

       Protocol: Glucose HK assay using NAD

       Protocol: Lowry Protein Assay

       Protocol: Nucleic Acid and Protein Assays on 67 series

       Protocol: Use of water test kits with 64 and 65 series

       Spectrophotometric Analysis of chlorophyll a and b

       The concentration measurement reproducibility of the Genova Nano

       Top 10 tips for Measurements using the Genova Nano

       Troubleshooting Guide for Nucleic Acid Measurements

       Use of Microcuvette Holder

       Using the TrayCell with the Genova Bio

       Water test kits using 63 series spectrophotometers