634 001 4 cell changer
637 071 10mm cuvette and test tube holder
630 005 10 to 100mm path length holder
630 204 10x10mm cuvette holder

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63 Series Accessories

The 63 series has been specifically designed to enable a wide range of accessories to be easily fitted and used. To increase productivity Jenway offer a four position rotary cuvette holder. To accommodate various sample volumes there are a wide range of passive accessories available including an adjustable cuvette holder which can hold cuvettes between 10 and 100mm; a test tube holder for test tubes with diameters between 16 and 24mm; and for small sample volumes there is a micro-cuvette holder with a reduced aperture.
For images of all the accessories please download the Spectrophotometer Accessory Brochure.

Cell Holders

Part Code Description
630 204 10x10mm path length cuvette holder
630 005 10 to 100mm path length cuvette holder
634 001 4 position manual cuvette holder
630 304 Micro-cuvette holder with reduced aperture
632 511 Dual cell holder for 10mm cuvettes and 12.7mm diameter tubes (for use with 6320D only)
637 071 10mm square cuvette and 16, 24mm test tube holder
636 024 Cuvette holder adapter (7.5 to 15mm beam height)

Heated Cell and Sipper Pump Options

Part Code Description
632 001 Sipper Pump supplied with inlet and outlet tubing (230V/ 50Hz)
632 031 Sipper Pump supplied with inlet and outlet tubing (110V/ 60Hz)
648 001 Water heated single cuvette holder

Printers and PC Software

Part Code Description
037 551 RS232 to USB converter for use with computers without a serial port
543 001 40 column printer supplied with interface cable, paper roll and ribbon and universal power supply
060 287 Paper roll for printer
060 288 Printer ribbon
542 009 Interface cable kit


Part Code Description
060 422 Moulded cuvette rack for 16 10 x 10mm cuvettes
630 028 Dust cover
033 290 Storage carry case (not for use with 6320D or Aquanova)
012 094 Xenon lamp module (6305, 6315, Genova)
012 075 Tungsten halogen lamp (6300, 6320D, 6310, Aquanova)

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