8-Cell Changer p/n 660 401
Sipper/peltier Module p/n 660 701

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67 Series Accessories

The 67 series spectrophotometers are very versatile and flexible instruments with an extensive range of accessories which have been specifically designed to be easily interchangeable. The active accessories including the 8-cell automatic turret, 6 cell water heated automatic turret, sipper pump, Peltier and combined sipper/Peltier are all supplied in sample chambers which are easily fitted into position. The passive accessories are easily changed by loosening the thumb screw to remove the fitted accessory and the new accessory can be slotted into place and correctly positioned by tightening the thumb screw.

For images of all the accessories please download the Spectrophotometer Accessory Brochure.

Cell Holders

Part Code Description
660 802 Sample chamber with 10x10mm cuvette holder fitted
660 401 Sample chamber with automatic eight- cell changer module fitted
660 403 Additional carrousel for automatic eight- cell changer (for use with 660 401)
660 503 Additional carrousel for water heated automatic six- cell changer (for use with 660 501)
630 204 10x10mm path length cuvette holder
637 071 Test tube holder for 10mm square cuvettes, 16 and 24mm diameter tubes
630 005 10 to 100mm adjustable path length cuvette holder
630 304 Micro-cuvette holder with reduced aperture

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Heated Cell and Sipper Pump Options

Part Code Description
648 001 Water heated single cuvette holder
660 501 Sample chamber with water heated automatic six- cell changer module fitted
660 201 Sample chamber with sipper module fitted
660 301 Sample chamber with Peltier module fitted
660 701 Sample chamber with sipperPeltier module fitted
661 201 Single cell sample chamber module fitted with water heated cuvette holder (648 001)

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Printers and PC Software

Part Code Description
660 101 Internal printer (packed)
037 702 Paper roll for thermal printer
019 133 2GB SD card for external memory

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Part Code Description
660 001 Dust cover
060 422 Moulded cuvette rack for 16 10x10mm cuvettes
035 088 Visible range calibration standards (all models)
035 091 UV/Visible calibration standards (6705/ 6715)
012 075 Tungsten halogen lamp (model 6700)
6705/LA Xenon lamp module (models 6705 & 6715)

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