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Cleaning and Preventative Maintenance for pH Electrodes

Analysts frequently encounter pH measurement problems caused by poor electrode performance. Diagnosis and rectification of these problems can be time consuming, leading to poor analytical results and inefficient use of analysts time. To ensure accurate and reliable analytical measurements, a routine care and maintenance regime should be adopted. In addition to giving the correct measurement result the correct care and maintenance of pH electrodes will result in improved electrode performance and prolonged working life.

Please click here to download Jenway's cleaning and preventative maintenance procedures for pH electrodes

Recommended pH Electrode Fill Solutions

The majority of the pH electrodes that are supplied by Jenway are combined pH/reference measurement probes. The table below is provided as a guide to ordering the correct reference electrolyte for the listed electrodes. If there is any doubt, please contact us at

Electrode Part Code Electrode Description 4M KCl saturated with AgCl 025 196 3M KCl (free from AgCl) 025 160 4M KCl saturated with AgCl (gel) 025 197
924 002 12mm stem, toughened spear ended electrode Yes
924 003 Redox (platinum), glass bodied for redox measurements Yes
924 005 General purpose electrode, glass bodied Yes
924 007 4.5mm semi-micro electrode, 90mm reach Yes
924 010 Spear type electrode, 6mm stem Yes
924 030 Tris buffer/TE buffer - semi-micro for measurement in Eppendorf tubes Yes
924 036 Single Junction Ag/AgCl reference Yes
924 049 Life Science electrode Yes
924 050 Environmental electrode Yes
924 051 Food electrode Yes
924 053 Waterproof 12mm stem spear type, glass bodied with ATC Yes
924 054 Waterproof redox (platinum), glass bodied for redox measurements with ATC Yes
924 055 Waterproof Tris buffer, glass bodied for pH measurements in biological buffers, blood and protein samples Yes
924 056 Waterproof food pH electrode with ATC Yes
924 069 Food pH electrode with S7 connector for use with Model 430 Yes
924 076 Difficult Applications - glass bodied combination electrode for use in non-aqueous samples, oils and emulsions 4M KCl
924 077 Jam, Jelly and Preserves epoxy bodied combination electrode Yes
924 078 Long glass bodied combination electrode with 350mm reach Yes
924 079 High temperature glass bodied combination electrode for solutions up to 110°C Yes
924 080 Glass bodied combination electrode for use in aggressive chemical applications Yes
924 904 Performance pH electrode - semi-micro, glass combination with 4.5mm diameter tip at 90mm long Yes
924 905 Performance pH electrode - glass combination for high accuracy, fast response and low drift requirements Yes

Ordering Information

Part Code Description
025 192 pH electrode storage solution (100ml)
025 196 pH electrode fill solution 4M KCl, AgCl saturated (150ml)
025 197 4M KCl/AgCl partial gel (150ml)
025 160 3M KCl pH fill solution (100ml)
025 161 pH electrode cleaning solution (500ml)

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