Tray Cell


• Ideal for DNA, RNA and protein measurements
• Sample volumes as low as 0.7µl
• Sample concentration range from 25 to 4250µg/ml
• Sample is simply wiped away after the measurements, making the TrayCell quick and easy to use
• Prevents dilution and pipetting errors
• Fits all standard 10 x 10mm cuvette holders and micro-cuvette holders

The TrayCell is a fibre optic cuvette which can be used with as little as 0.7µl of sample. The cuvette is supplied with two caps which give path lengths of either 1mm or 0.2mm, thus creating a "virtual dilution" of 1:10 or 1:50 of the sample when compared to a measurement with a standard 10 mm cuvette.

Also for applications of very low or very high DNA concentrations we can offer two addition caps to provide path lengths of 2mm or 0.1mm creating dilutions of 1:5 or 1:100.

TrayCell how it works

Technical Specification

Parameter TrayCell
Light Path 0.2mm or 1mm
Error of light path ± 0.02mm
Volume 0.7- 5µl
Wavelength range 190 to 1100nm
Maximum temperature 50ºC

Ordering Information

Part Code Description
035 262 Tray Cell for ultra-micro sample volumes from 0.7 to 5µl compatible with Genova Bio, Genova Plus, 6705 and 6715 spectrophotometers, supplied complete with caps for 1mm and 0.2mm path length operation
035 263 Replacement 1mm path length cap for TrayCell
035 264 Replacement 0.2mm path length cap for TrayCell
035 265 Additional 2mm path length cap for TrayCell
035 266 Additional 0.1mm path length cap for TrayCell

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